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About Sutherland Community Association

Welcome to Sutherland Community Association (SCA)! The SCA has been serving all homeowners since 1990 and is overseen by our Board of Directors. Property Management is handled by Mulloy Properties, LLC. 

Your current Board of Directors are:

​President: Tia Pollard                       Vice President: John Clark

Treasurer/Secretary: Ron Zehnder  

At Large: Michael Ackerman            At Large: Monette Beam

At Large: Jacob Gurney                   At Large: Dr. Bruce Haskell      

At Large: Steve Hayden                   At Large: Michael Lindsay

At Large: Susan Przystawski           At Large: Martin Vacca

Committees include: 

Architectural Review: Jacob Gurney (Chairperson), John Clark, Dr. Bruce  

                                   Haskell, & Tia Pollard

Pool/Tennis Committee: Susan Przystawski (Chairperson), Michael Ackerman,                                                                      Steve Hayden, Michael Lindsay, & Martin Vacca

Landscape Committee: Monette Beam (Chairperson), Michael Ackerman,

                                   John Clark, & Dr. Bruce Haskell     

Clubhouse/Social Committee: Tia Pollard (Chairperson), Michael Ackerman,

                                   Monette Beam, Susan Przystawski, & Martin Vacca

Block Watch Committee: John Clark (Chairperson) & Tia Pollard

Security Committee: John Clark (Chairperson) & Steve Hayden

Website Administrator: Renee Kuhlman, Property Manager 

Resident Cards


Please have your resident card with you when using the fishing lakes and tennis courts. You are required to present your card to the lifeguard each time you enter the pool. 

Ladies' Luncheons

All ladies of Sutherland are invited to attend our lively and fun periodic lunches! They are very casual gatherings where we enjoy some food and good conversation with others living here in the neighborhood.


We always have a good time and would love to have you join us! 


In order to have a table large enough, please RSVP!


Roxanne Swan




Block Watch is a program based on the principle that neighbors working together are the first and best line of defense against crime. It is an effective deterrent of crime at the neighborhood level, and it is an effective communication method for distributing information about Sutherland activities, lost and found items, and crimes committed here and other areas close by. 


If you are not a part of our communication network, and wish to join, please contact Blockwatch Chairperson:


John Clark

(502) 395-1950

Karen Diehl


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